For Your Company : CSM Outcomes To Frameworks

Course Overview

A two day course designed to equip attendees with the skills and knowledge needed to fully understand customer success management and their role in delivering this for their customers . The course is highly participative in nature and utilises our C.O.M.E.T. methodology to give attendees the tools and knowledge needed to understand, create, operationalise and maintain all aspects of a complete customer success approach.

On day one we review the purpose and history of customer success management and look in depth at the outcomes a customer success function should deliver, how these should be measured, the core responsibilities of a customer success team and how to align all of these elements using C.O.M.E.T. into a coherent framework complete with specific interventions for every situation. We make extensive use of workshop sessions, focussed on your company’s solutions, which helps drive consistency and alignment across the attending functions of the outcomes and objectives of your focus on customer success.

On day two we cover the importance of aligning your entire organisation around a focus on customer success and introduce the key elements of managing your customer for success including change management, the importance of sponsorship and the key principles of governance.  C.O.M.E.T. features heavily again as you continue to build your success framework during these vital sessions. The day finishes with a focus the soft skills required to handle difficult conversations. Once more we make extensive use of workshop sessions, focussed on both your company’s internal alignment and your management of customers for success, which helps drive consistency and alignment across the attending functions on the way you work internally and with your customers.

After the course you’ll be invited to join our private LinkedIn group for past attendees where you can continue to share with and learn from your fellow attendees. 

We have included attendee feedback, a detailed agenda and an FAQ below to give you more details on the experience you will have attending this training course.

What We Cover

Our customer success management training covers a wide range of topics including:

  • Why customer success is so critical in today’s SaaS environment
  • How to identify where your company sits in its own customer success evolution
  • The customer success value hierarchy and why it’s no longer enough to be talking about adoption
  • Why a focus on outcomes is so critical in customer success and what makes for a great outcome
  • How to ensure responsibilities are correctly aligned for customer success across your company
  • Customer journeys and their importance
  • The use of KPIs and those that are most critical to your employer and to your customer
  • How to design appropriate best practices to deliver every outcome
  • How to design appropriate engagement models for every customer and segment
  • The importance of renewals, expansion revenues and advocacy to your employer
  • The fundamentals of change management and how to plan it into your CS strategy
  • The fundamentals of stakeholder management and how to plan it into your CS strategy
  • The fundamentals of good governance and how to plan it into your CS strategy
  • The core client personas you will encounter and how to better manage them
  • How to align your employer around a focus on customer success
  • Why customer success should be a philosophy, not a function
  • Understanding why conversations appear to be or are difficult
  • Numerous techniques to help you manage these difficult conversations
  • An executable framework that structures all of this learning to help you master the material
  • Workshop sessions throughout the two days focussed on your company’s solutions and ways of working

Course Logistics

Location : At your premises

When : By arrangement

Duration : 2 days 

Audience : A cross functional team from your organisation / your CSM team.

More Information : Please contact us on or by phone on +44 7850 120386 for further details.

Certification : All attendees will receive a certificate of course completion from the Success Methods Academy.

Customer Feedback

Such a great course for any Customer Success professional! Ian and Matt start by taking you through how to form your own Customer Success Framework and then follow this up with practical tools to bring it to life!

Odette Borsten

SVP Customer Success Services, Alterian

Ian & Matt have created training that is not only informative but vital if you are serious about deploying or fine tuning a Customer Success strategy. They transform an often misunderstood philosophy into a tangible and ready to deploy methodology.

Andrew Mees

Customer Success Manager, Arkk


What happens if we need to cancel?

Success Methods Academy operates a cancellation policy that we believe fairly balances the risks and costs of cancellation for both parties. Full details of our cancellation policy are provided at time of booking.

Can we have more than 8 attendees?

While we believe 8 is an optimum number of attendees for this course and is sufficient to allow for representation from across the company for larger teams we are able to discuss how a greater number of attendees can be involved.


What happens before the course?

All course materials, pre-work (limited we promise) and logistics details will be provided to attendees before the course commences. This allows you time to prepare and familiarise yourself with the course contents.

What happens after the course?

All attendees have the option to join our private LinkedIn group where we continue the conversations started during the 2 days of the training course. In addition we are able to provide follow-up services should those be requested.