Mark Benioff is doubling down on customer success and putting it, amongst a few other well chosen values, at the heart of how he’ll run salesforce in future.

Capitalism Is Dead says Mark Benioff 

According to a pricey new study on the state of the market for dedicated customer success platforms these are the key players: ChurnZero, Bolstra, Gainsight, HBR Labs, Totango, Amity, Akita, Natero, ClientSuccess, Appuri, Kapta, CustomerGauge, Pegasystems and Salesforce. The market’s growing but they don’t say by how much unless you shell out for the study. A sample of the report can be had for free though. 

Free Sample 

In yet more evidence that customer success is increasingly expected to pull its weight when it comes to revenue we’re seeing the rise of revenue operations platforms such as Clari which uses AI to help spot churn risks and upset opportunities. 

Clari Raises $60M

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