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Can You Do The Fandango? Hiring Great CSMs

Hiring great CSMs is tough. Are you making it harder? We’ll talk about that but let’s assume not. Then we’ll cover the question of how you zero in on the best fit CSMs for your company.

Customer Success : An Antifragile Approach

Customer Success is a core function. How can you introduce an antifragile approach to customer success and what would it mean to do so? The answer lies in an understanding of the concept of antifragility and in the culture of your company

It’s Time To Stop Talking Adoption. Thoughts On Customer Success In 2019

Adoption, segmentation, success frameworks, improving the use of your data, automation and company alignment should all be key areas of focus for your customer success approach. What are the key considerations in each area and what should you target in 2019 as you approach the continuing development and evolution of customer success in your organisation?

Automation In Customer Success

There are numerous ways to apply technology in customer success which will help you scale. Furthermore the subject of automation in customer success is a large one. In this article we look at the core principles you should bear in mind, some of the core technologies available and suggest a range of common ways to get started or to extend into new areas.

So How Many More CSMs Do We Need?

Scaling a customer success function, like any other, presents a number of challenges. It’s useful to have a clear model in mind that helps optimise for your segmentation strategy, engagement models, team size and crucially customer outcomes. Nature provides a useful model we can adopt to assist us to design this model and therefore provide a simple structure for scaling.