Our goal at Success Methods is to advance the customer success profession through training, coaching and consulting services designed for maximum impact.

What Is Customer Success?

Welcome to Success Methods. If you’ve come here to learn more about customer success you’re in the right place. You will find a wide variety of resources on this site. Feel free to have a good poke around if you prefer to explore under your own steam.

On the other hand if you’d like to dive straight in and want a little help finding your way the learning path below will help. You’ll find a mixture of articles, webinars and, if you want to dig a little deeper a few of our academy resources. Our goal is to provide you with a complete, accessible and enjoyable course in customer success.

If you are brand new to customer success you can work through this step by step. If you have some familiarity and are looking to fill in a few gaps in your knowledge it’s easy to just scan down and find what you need. And if you are already an expert in the field? We’d encourage you to take a look: we’d love to hear your thoughts on how we could improve this material.

An Introduction To Customer Success

Our very first article, you’ll learn about the history of Customer Success, how it got started and what Customer Success Management at its best delivers to an organisation. 

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Customer Success As A Revenue Engine

Let’s get you started where it matters most. Customer Success done right delivers revenue. Retention, Expansion and Advocacy led revenues. Our most popular webinar will walk you through making this happen. 

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How Do I Get Started In Customer Success

If you’re not yet in customer success but you are looking to join this exciting profession then this article is for you. What’s more it’s easier to get started than you might think and you can start today!

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The Best CSMs Are Thoroughbreds

What should CSM’s do? This remains a vital question. As the role evolves we still see CSMs do everything from pre-sales to tech support. Yet the role of a true CSM is very easy to state. We do so in this article.

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What’s The SkillSet Of A Superb CSM?

We’ve covered getting started in customer success and we’ve looked at how a true CSM spends their time. But what skills do you need to excel? You’ll find the answers here.

How To Hire Superb CSMs

How do you make sure you hire great CSMs? What should you test for, how can you find great candidates? Here we’ll give you answers to each of these critical questions.

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Outcomes From A Customer Success Focus

Customer Success seen from the perspective of our customers. More than anything else our customers want results. This article will walk you through outcomes and their importance to CSMs.

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Understanding The Power Of Outcomes

It’s our view that outcomes are the most important thing in customer. We hope you see it that way too. Whether you do or you don’t this article makes a strong case that they are critical.

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Measurement & KPIs – Part 1

Part 1 of our two part series on measurement and KPIs introduces the Success Methods Value Hierarchy. This simple yet powerful framework will help you structure your approach to delivering customer value.

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A Value Based Approach To Measurement

Tying together outcomes, value, ROI and measurement this webinar will give you a complete overview of the driving force behind customer success. Delivering results for our customers.

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A Fresh Perspective On Value

Our value delta model gives you a fresh perspective on value. It’s a tool to help you reflect on how you deliver value and where to put your effort to maximise how you improve this for customers.

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Success Planning And CS Frameworks

Quoting Mike Tyson in an article about Customer Success might seem odd. We hope you’ll see why when you read this article. A success plan is only valuable if it generates real results for customers.

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Mastering Customer Success

Our self-study, self-paced course to help you master customer success. Go deep into the material you’ve covered above as together we walk through putting it all together to build your own success framework.

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How Do You Approach Segmentation

What’s the most common mistake in segmentation? What’s the critical question to ask yourself to make segmentation work for your situation? This article answers both questions and will set you on the right path.

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Segmentation For Customer Success

Here we go deep and introduce you to a framework for segmentation. For maximum flexibility you can segment along three axis. This lets you focus resources for maximum impact and the greatest return.

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Aligning Your Organisation

Every part of an organisation has to play a part in customer success. What exactly does that mean? How can a CS team make that happen. The answers are in this webinar.

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Customer Success : An Antifragile Approach

Resilience, adaptability, building a learning culture for customer success. All of these are vital. Using the concept of anti-fragility this article walks you through an approach to each of these challenges.

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Are You A Conversation Ninja?

We’re drawing to a close. So far we’ve covered everything you need to design, build and run a customer success led organisation. Now we turn to you, how can you be better? Start with exceptional conversations.

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Mastering Professional Conversations

Our self-study, self-paced course to help excel in every conversation. Learn how to ask great questions for maximum impact, use summaries to build understanding and to challenge effectively.

A Guide To Creating Stakeholder Delight

What’s a stakeholder? When and where do I engage them? What types of stakeholder exist? How do I map them? You’ll find a simple, no nonsense approach in this article.

Using Value For Stakeholder Navigation

Getting the best from every interaction with your customer stakeholders means talking their language. And for those that really matter that language is value. How to do it best? Read on!

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Deliver World Class Interactions

So you’ve made it. You’ve got the critical stakeholder meeting. How do you make the very best of that meeting? The steps are simple, and everyone can follow them. Find out how here.

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Mastering Stakeholder Management

Our most comprehensive course yet. If you’ve ever wanted to develop your ability to excel in navigating and managing your critical stakeholders this course is designed for you!

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Got Questions, Comments?

You’ve reached the end. If you have any questions or you’d like to share your thoughts on this learning path drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you and dive into your questions.

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Who We Are

Our objective is to enable you to create and deliver outstanding customer success programmes for your customers. Programmes that deliver results sustainably, scalably and efficiently. Our highly actionable courses and consulting services are built with you in mind and are based on our deep understanding of the customer success profession.

Success Methods was formed by Ian Robson who gained his customer success expertise over a 25 year period working in consulting, software and technology.

Ian held customer facing leadership roles over a 15 year period at some of the world’s most admired companies including Salesforce, Oracle, Siebel, SDL, Veracode and PA Consulting.

Hear From Our Customers

Ian Robson is one of the foremost thinkers and practitioners of the art and practice of Customer Success for SaaS companies in the 21st century.

Having worked closely with Ian at two of our portfolio companies, we believe his balanced and results-oriented method is second to none.

Peter Campbell

Managing Partner, Education Growth Partners

Packed with practical information: the core framework that the training is based around is a solidly constructed, logical and useable model that will be an asset to anyone within the CSM arena.

It was a truly enlightening and valuable course that provided a strong foundation of practical methods to take forward into the real world.

Mark Harris

Global Customer Success Director, CrossKnowledge

Such a great course for any Customer Success professional!

Ian and Matt start by taking you through how to form your own Customer Success Framework and then follow this up with practical tools to bring it to life!

Odette Borsten

SVP Customer Success Services, Alterian