About US



Our goal at Success Methods is to advance the customer success profession by providing training and consulting services specifically designed for maximum impact.



Success Methods was formed by Ian Robson who gained his customer success expertise over a 25 year period working in consulting, software and technology.

For the last 15 years Ian has held leadership roles at some of the world’s most admired companies including Siebel, Oracle, Salesforce, SDL, Veracode and PA Consulting.



A background in customer success, technical support, professional services and content production enables Ian to see the big picture.

Ian has deep experience across the post sales lifecycle with domain expertise including CRM, Price Optimisation, Learning Management Systems, Customer Experience Management and Application Security.



Ian has held leadership roles from first line manager to CxO in organisations ranging from 50 person startups to companies with in excess of 60,000 employees.

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate objective in everything we do at Success Methods. Consequently all of our training and consulting services are designed for maximum impact.

Ian Robson is one of the foremost thinkers and practitioners of the art and practice of Customer Success for SaaS companies in the 21st century. Having worked closely with him at one of our portfolio companies, we believe his balanced and results-oriented methodology is second to none.
Peter Campbell

Managing Partner, Education Growth Partners