Our Bespoke Consulting Services


In addition to our end-end Build Your Success Framework programme, we offer consulting services designed to address a set of specific requirements faced by customer success focussed teams and organisations.

Customer success is a fast growing field. Sourcing expertise and building your success programme takes time, can be costly and can go wrong.

You may have internal team members who you want to move into customer success, be struggling to find the perfect external candidate, have parts of your programme that aren’t fully enabled or need to bootstrap an entire function.

Working with Success Methods addresses these challenges by helping to broaden the talent pool you can access, adding deep, creative experience to your team to assist in the build of your CS function and by allowing you to get started today.

These services include the following. Please contact us if you would like to discuss any of these or to determine if we can assist with a specific need not covered by the list below:


Customer Success Definition

A focus on customer success is considered an essential service by many SaaS companies but how do you get started or ensure your team is set up with the correct objectives?

Success Methods can assist you to:

  • Understand the need for and expected objectives of a customer success team
  • Review your existing customer touch-points to determine how to align your customer success function
  • Decide how you will measure the success of your customers and therefore how you would target successful execution of your customer success function
  • Determine role definition, team structure, customer segmentation and expected team sizing

Recruitment Services

Success Methods offer a bespoke recruitment service that’s a little different from the traditional recruitment consultant approach. 

Rather than a focus on finding candidates Success Methods focus on hiring well and can assist with the following:

  • Definition of recruitment process including who should be involved, what steps should be followed, creation of a role play scenario if required and hiring/offering criteria
  • Creation of job descriptions and what to look for in a candidate
  • Embedding Success Methods within the hiring process: participation in one step of the process to assist with confidence in hired candidates
  • Managing the recruitment consultant pipeline to maximise the value of your time invested in assessing candidates

Advisory Services

It’s a fact that good customer success professionals are hard to find. The pool is growing but so is the demand. As a result you may find yourself hiring, either externally or from within, customer success team members who lack experience of the function.

Success Methods can ensure your team is up to speed fast by providing:

  • General board or leadership team advisory services related to customer success functions with your organisation
  • Formal in person or remote coaching sessions to an agreed schedule for your customer success team members
  • Retained coaching advice via phone or text message with a bespoke level of agreed weekly or monthly support

Know Your Customer

Success Methods offer a formal service designed to really get into the details of how your customers are using your solution. This will assist you to determine what distinguishes those who succeed from those who struggle and to form a true understanding of the real health of your customers.

This material would then be expected to inform product strategy and service delivery.

This offering from Success Methods follows a clear step-by-step process:

  • Work with you to identify your most and least successful customers
  • Work with you to construct an appropriate interview questionnaire
  • Interview the customers (jointly conducted by Success Methods and the relevant member of staff)
  • Work with you to draw out the key themes and messages that emerge from the consolidated list of findings
  • Produce a final detailed report