Build Your Customer Success Framework


Organisations who are either adopting or working to embed the principles of customer success management across their company typically face a number of challenges. These include the following:

  • Internal teams who are not fully aligned around clearly defined customer outcomes.
  • The lack of a defined outcomes based success framework resulting in each CSM delivering ‘success’ in a different way
  • No clearly defined way to plan, build and manage a customer success segmentation strategy.
  • No structured repository in which to consolidate, manage and access best practices.
  • Busy customer success teams who stall at the ‘how do we build a framework and strategy’ question.

As a result the ability to identify and maximise the value realised by all customers is missed.

The Success Methods Customer Success : Framework Programme is designed to address all of these challenges. Over the course of a defined, custom programme we work together with you and your teams across the business to create, validate and rollout a complete outcomes based customer success framework using our C.O.M.E.T. methodology.

In addition to providing you with the knowledge and tools you need to execute customer success as a ‘philosophy’ you will benefit as a company from the natural alignment that comes from focussing an entire organisation on the same set of customer outcomes, these being your unique proposition to the market. When complete this results in approach where:

  • There are no surprises for customers: sales, product, marketing, implementation and customer success are aligned.
  • Success plans for every customer are based on a single, consistent framework.
  • Every customer segment has a defined best practice delivery mechanism.
  • Every learning from customer or internal insights is easily captured and replicated.
  • Relieved of the ‘how to framework’ issue teams have gone straight to build phase saving considerable time and cost.

Ensuring that the ability to maximise the value realised by customers is quickly put in place.

How We Work

Our C.O.M.E.T. methodology provides a structured approach for a company to capture and align on the key components of a successful customer success programme. Using C.O.M.E.T. these are built, over a number of workshops (how many depends on how many components you wish to include) into a complete outcomes based customer success framework that allows a company to define, for each segment of their customer base, at each stage of their customer journey, exactly how they wish to work with their customers to ensure their required outcomes are achieved. In doing so the value able to be realised by their customers is maximised.

We deliver C.O.M.E.T. specific to your circumstances and needs. An engagement has 6 possible components designed to ensure the service we provide is customised to your exact requirements.

For more information on our Customer Success : Framework Programme or for details of any of our training courses or consulting services please get in touch.