Asking great questions is a superpower. It can reveal the unexpected, open up an entirely new area of discussion or force you to confront uncomfortable truths. Let’s ask ourselves some questions!

3 Questions For CSMs To Ask Themselves Before Every EBR
  • What’s the single largest barrier to my customer maximising the value from their current deployment?
  • What’s the single most valuable opportunity for my customer to get more value in future from our solution?
  • What questions can I ask of my stakeholder to help them come to the same conclusions?
3 Questions For CS Leaders To Ask Each CSM During Their Next 1:1.
  • What’s the one thing I could do for you to supercharge your ability to drive value for the key stakeholders at your customers?
  • What’s the most important thing you need from this 1:1 that you’re not currently getting?
  • What’s the most valuable part of this 1:1? How could we work together to further improve on that?
3 Questions For #CSMs To Ask Their Leaders During their Next 1:1.
  • What’s the biggest opportunity you see for me to improve as a CSM?
  • If you could eliminate one of my bad habits what would it be?
  • What could I do to make this 1:1 more effective for you?
3 Questions For CSMs Teams To Ask At Their Next Offsite.
  • What stops our least successful customers achieving as much as our most successful customers?
  • How do we break down those barriers?
  • What steps could we take to reduce or eliminate the time we spend on activities that don’t add value to customers?
3 Questions For Executives With CSM Teams To Ask During Their Next Walk In The Fresh Air.
  • Do my CSM team have absolute clarity on what’s expected of them?
  • Are these expectations 100% reflected in the way we measure their performance?
  • What 3 things could I do next week to help them focus more of their time on customer value adding activity?

We love asking questions and we hope you’ve enjoyed these and found them a useful way to check-in on some of your current ways of working!

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