Some of the latest research into learning is fascinating and upending a lot of what we think we know.
In an experiment to determine whether massed or interleaved practice is better for skills development researchers set up the following.
One group of kids was tasked to practice throwing a ball into a cup three feet away.
The other group split their time between throwing into a cup two feet away and throwing into a cup four feet away. At no time did they throw into a cup three feet away.
The final test was throwing the ball into a cup three feet away. The kids who’d spent all their time throwing into the cup at that distance did worse than the kids who had practiced at two and four feet.
It’s a simple, specific example but it turns out the neuroscience supports this outcome.
Which got me thinking about #customersuccess manager portfolios.
Most companies I know assign their CSMs to accounts from the same segment. This is nearer to the massed practice than the interleaved approach to learning the skills of managing customers for successful outcomes.
I’ve always thought this was the right approach but maybe not?
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