Want to dramatically improve the results you’re getting as a CSM?

Before your next customer success conversation do the following.

Get a big sheet of paper, split it into 5 columns.

In column 1 list the Top 10 ways to improve delivery of value to the customer.

For each of these what needs to happen to make progress? Put this in column 2.

In column 3 identify the person at the customer most able to assist you to get each part of this done.

Now, that you have your list some reflection.

  • Is the person(s) you are about to meet on your list already?
  • If the answer is No be ruthless. Ask yourself what’s the purpose of the meeting? Should it even take place?

If Yes then get prepared.

  • In column 4 be 100% clear on what you need from this person. Then in column 5 write down the questions and requests needed to get it. Think it all through in advance.
  • Finally ask yourself: Who else on my list can this person connect me to?

You already know the value for the customer from you having that connection (hint, it’s in column 1).

So you have the perfect reason to ask for their help.

Make this request at the end, when they’ve just had the experience of working with a fully prepared CSM. One specifically focused on customer value.

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