Your next customer success superstar might be hanging out in the marketing department.

Customer success management is the continuation of a thoughtful, personalised marketing journey. Customer success is all about extending a fantastic buying experience beyond the sale, cultivating an active relationship with your customers and ensuring that they have the resources and support they need to achieve the value they expected when they bought your product.

I see lots of positives here. On the one hand you can consider marketing as the start of the customer journey and customer success as the end but of course that’s not the whole story.

In a company aligned around customer success CSM and Marketing will be best buddies and talking advocacy on a regular basis. Both deeply understand what success looks like and how it’s delivered. Both are well versed in outcomes and value.

Salesforce have led the way in many areas of customer success – are they in at the start of another trend?

Is This Your Next CSM?

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