Here’s a short list of things that make customer success complex, interesting and hard to get exactly right.

  1. Each customer is different and usually wants different results.
  2. Each customer usually has multiple stakeholders, each with their own priorities.
  3. Getting everyone in your customer success team on the same page is hard.
  4. Getting everyone in your company on the same page is even harder.

What helps?

  1. Ensuring your path to value and supporting best practices are, as much as possible tailored not re-created.
  2. Understanding how to vary your delivery by segment, by stakeholder and by need.
  3. Ensuring everyone in your customer success team has the same understanding of how to deliver success for their customers.
  4. Ensuring everyone in your company understands the role they play in delivering customer success.

What holds all of this together?

  1. A focus on delivering outcomes, value and ROI.
  2. Codifying your best practices, your outcomes & value framework, and your approach to get customers to ROI.
  3. A plan to differentiate how you treat segments by #delivery: not by content, outcomes, value or ROI
  4. Building and maintaining your CS framework with your customer success team then sharing it widely across your company.
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