If you are making changes in the way you deliver customer success and you’re making things more rather than less complex it might be time to stop and re-evaluate. 

If something takes a long time to learn or develop it’s usually complex. And if something is complex and takes long time to learn or develop it’ll probably be complex and take a long time to implement. 

As the landscape you face (each customer is different, each stakeholder is different etc) is already complex the last thing you want to do is make it harder for anyone by adding process, steps, gates and so you need that you then need to explain, manage or maintain. 

So look for simplicity in your approach to customer success, in what you advise your customers to do, in what you put at the core of your customer success framework (hint, outcomes and value) and in what you expect people to absorb in order to understand how to get the best from your solution. 

A great tip before you start adding to your approach is to examine what you already do and ask what we can replace with a better version or what can we stop doing altogether. That can seem a counter-intuitive way to improve but if you take the time to look at your current approach through this lens you may find it’s entirely possible to make what you do simpler and better.

If you doubt this is the right approach ask yourself “how many complex topics can I manage simultaneously in today’s fast moving, highly distracting, demanding workplace?”


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